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項目 浸會園屬下成員 學校/教會/社聯會員 / 政府認可之非牟利團體 私人團體 內容
活動室 $ 35 $50 $80
冷氣 $ 40 / 小時 $ 40 / 小時 $ 40 / 小時 冷氣(每小時)
LCD $ 75 / 小時 $ 75 / 小時 $ 75 / 小時 LCD
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  • Area: 15呎X 18呎

    Capacity: 20 people

    1. For groups that have been rented for two days and nights for groups of more than 50 people, they will receive three hours of free borrowing halls, but the air-conditioning fee will be charged separately.
    2. Day camps rent halls and air-conditioning at an hourly rate.
    3. The auditorium rent time is from 9:00am to 10:30pm, which is calculated in one hour at least, and overtime exceeding 15 minutes is also calculated in one hour.
    4. This park generally rents halls on a first-come-first-served basis. To cater for the needs of other groups, all groups are required to rent halls according to actual needs. This park reserves the right to allocate the final auditorium.
    5. All objects in the auditorium must not be used outside the auditorium.
    6. All auditoriums (except the event hall) are equipped with a sound reinforcement system, two cable microphones and one whiteboard and a piano. No additional charges apply. For the rest of the equipment, please refer to “Audiovisual Equipment Charges” and apply for rental equipment before entering the camp to facilitate the provision of equipment services before the event; if an immediate application may delay the conduct of the activity, or the equipment has been leased, it may not be Can provide the needs of the group.
    7. The park does not provide a preparatory time for each group renting the auditorium. The opening and closing time of the auditorium is the actual time of renting the auditorium. Therefore, the group needs to pay attention to the reserved time for the preparatory and tidying up work when renting the venue.
    8. All arrangements for the auditorium require the consent of the Park and the removal of the auditorium's furnishings and rubbish during the lease period. If there is any violation, the cleaning fee will be charged according to the circumstances.

Does not include air conditioning costs